Geoffrey Carter, President

Geoffrey Carter

P.Eng, Mining Engineer.  

Geoffrey Carter is an independent Mining Engineer who provides research and analysis, technical reports, valuations and due diligence to confirm information on mining projects and to provide accurate, reliable information to prospective investors.

He has been a mine operator, mining analyst, and consultant since 1968.  Originally from London, England, he attended the University of Wales and the University College Cardiff, where he attained an Honours Bachelors of Science degree in Mining Engineering.

Geoff has been involved in the financial sector for several years as a Senior Mining Analyst for brokerage firms such as Research Capital Corp and Midland Doherty Limited.  Prior to this he served as Vice President of Operations, Planning and Development, for Inspiration Coal Inc. of Knoxville, Tennessee; Senior Mining Engineer for Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co. of Toronto, Canada; and Senior Technical Assistant to Anglo Power Collieries (Pty) Ltd. of Transvaal, South Africa.  In 1991, Geoff started his own company, Broad Oak Associates, where he acts as an independent analyst providing services to the mining industry worldwide.

His thorough approach to mining due diligence and his extensive range of experience in the mining industry as a mine operator, mining engineer, analyst, financial consultant, and M&A specialist has enabled Broad Oak to establish a first-class reputation for independent advice and reliability. Broad Oak provides both due diligence reports and advice on prospective acquisitions or dispositions.  Mr. Carter brings invaluable expertise and knowledge.